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Squid Game is a New South Korean mysterious survival game series revolving around a survival game based on six childhood games except it is more of a life and death situation with a prize of 45.6 billion Korean won.

456 people are invited into a mysterious elimination game based on popular kids’ games for a chance to win billions of dollars. However, the cost of losing is your life. Released on September 17, it has quickly become one of the most popular new shows this fall. Read on to learn how to stream Squid Game. Squid Game television series written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk exclusively for Netflix. In the nine-episode series,

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Squid Game was released on Netflix two weeks ago on Sept. 17 and has fast become one of the streamer’s top performers of all time. The mind-bending puzzle series pits a group of down-on-their-luck adults against one another in a handful of child’s games, where they must compete to the death to win a massive cash prize. At the moment, Squid Game is set to overtake Bridgerton as Netflix’s most popular show of all time.

Where to Watch Squid Game: Netflix

How Many Episodes are in Season 1:

9 episodes, all are available at once

The series will tell the story of a puzzle organized by a group of people under mysterious masks with various geometric figures, which, typical of the genre, in addition to the characters having to find answers to how to survive the different levels of the game. dead Unraveling the purpose of the people behind the scenes is another point that will capture the audience’s attention. And the prize that attracts the winner of this game is up to 45.6 billion won (approximately 1,315 million baht) and receives crazy players to kill up to 456 characters (like deliberately playing with the number 456, meaning something) and from a quick preview, we can see that this game has a brutal style that focuses on blood to be thrilling for sure.

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Quality actor, even Lee Jung Jae is familiar with Korean moviegoers from many quality movies, such as the latest ‘Deliver Us from Evil’ (2020) that has been filmed in our home as well. But for this story, it should be his important role as the role of Ki Hoon, an unemployed man who has no way of needing money until he decides to join the game. It will also be playing the protagonist of a hugely funded series for the first time.

While opposite-actress Park Hae-soo also recently made a comeback on Netflix’s ‘Time to Hunt’ (2020), he will play the role of Sang. Woo, Ki Hoon’s close friend, despite his poor family life. But soared up until he had a good job and stable income. But because of the embezzlement of the company, he had to join the game to get his money back. Called to bring the hottest stars of the Korean industry to match each other very interesting.

Gong Yoo joins the jam Around July of last year, it was announced that the series would feature Gong Yoo as a mysterious role. I don’t know if I will come with a little open head as an example of playing games. or will be one of the people behind Or it may come as the final scene, the last episode of the series, as Jun Ji Hyun had been invited to the series ‘Kingdom’ before having his own spin-off movie. This is all possible, let’s wait and see.

The director’s work from Silenced (2011) might be another reason why Gong Yoo was so easy to invite. Because of this work, the director Hwang Dong Hyuk, who previously worked together in the movie ‘Silenced, the sound of the heart.. that no one hears’, which is the movie of the year in Korea, is also directing. It is interesting that this work, in addition to the thrusters. Drama children crush emotions must be overwhelming, not different for sure.

Children’s play ideas Use the idea of ​​Korean children’s play such as the octopus game, which uses circle drawings. triangle and square It resembles the image of an octopus on the ground and divides it into two sides, playing like a catcher. The defense side must prevent people of the other side from crossing to the circle that is the head side. It would be interesting to see how the concept of children’s play of this game can be expanded into a movie.

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